“Her taste in color and design [is] refreshing and timeless.”

I chose Mel (Amelia Lavery) to help us with the overall look and interior design for our home after seeing what she had done at a home we toured on the Tucson Historic Preservation Home Tour in 2015, designed by architect Josias Joesler. [My partner and I] also have a historic home designed by Joesler and I wanted Mel to help us with the numerous details involved in a major renovation. She has served to help us focus as well as come to an agreement on several items that my partner and I were not always on the same page about–this alone has been extremely helpful. I have found her taste in color and design to be refreshing and timeless. She is very easy and fun to work with. Her expertise has gone a long way to sooth any anxieties I may have as we undertake this renovation. I am looking forward to her continued help as we go forward.

— Robert Ward

"[Amelia] made my house a home."

I contacted Amelia when I moved to Tucson to design the interior of my newly-purchased home. She was able to devise a plan that not only updated my interior, but added a sophisticated look I sorely needed. She was able to add my taste in colors in a subtle way that made my home warm and inviting. Thanks, Amelia, for helping make my house a home."

– Tom Lavery


It has been a joy to work with Amelia Lavery. Her sense of style in assisting me with fabric selection was invaluable. She has access to a broad range of sources and we accomplished a great deal in a very timely fashion.

– Julie Hecker

“Tucson is so lucky to have a Designer of this caliber and refined sensibility.”

In an overstimulating world of trending styles, [Amelia] Lavery is the calm within the design storm – always returning to simple lines, natural fabrics and classic looks. Excited clients (like me) are tempted to add more – more pattern, color and complexity. Mel is patient and graceful with all of these enthusiasms. She is a great listener. Yet in the end, Mel diplomatically steers each project back to where it should be –sophisticated and long lasting. Mel's encouragement of simplicity saves money. The end result is so timelessly elegant, the client doesn't have to remodel and update a few years later. She has extensive knowledge of antiques, as well as architectural and contemporary movements. The best part is that Mel is so easy to work with. Efficient, dependable and honest. Mel has worked as a high end designer in major cities across the country. Tucson is so lucky to have a designer of this caliber and refined sensibility.

— Roberta Franzheim



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